About us

Our history

We are Zala and Steffen. Two creatives who love to be in front of the camera as well as behind of it and to travel the world together.

We capture the emotions during our experiences on camera to keep them alive forever.

Out of our common passion for traveling, photography and videography, „saltytravelventures“ was born. „salty“ stands for the sea, because that’s what we feel most connected to, „travel“ stands for our love for traveling and „ventures“ stands for the adventures we experience on our travels.

Our profession

A year ago we have made our passion for being in front of as well as behind the camera our profession. We work internationally as a professional model couple, supporting accommodations and brands with high quality photography and videography to connect people with their products.


She is the organizational and creative mind behind saltytravelventures. Zala already liked to stand in front of the camera as a child and learned early how to move in order to bring emotions to life. Her Caribbean-German roots give her a very unique look.

As a trained beautician and businesswoman for office management, she has an eye for aesthetics and always manages to put everyday things perfectly in scene. She is also responsible for content planning and appointment coordination.


He is the photographer and cameraman. Steffen discovered his passion for photography early and taught himself almost everything. Attention to detail and a contemporary approach to the target group are also very important to him.

As a permanent social media manager, he knows the platforms perfectly and is always up to date. Due to his many years of working in the hotel and tourism industry, he knows the needs of hoteliers and can identify with them very well.

Let's create magic!

We are all about capturing unique and adventurous moments, from all things couples to brands, lifestyle and travel to inspire and put peaople into their feelings.

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